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Web Accessibility for clients with special needs. Is your website accessible to users with disabilities? With the introduction of Section 508, many websites are required to become compliant with federal regulations for use by handicapped persons. Many disabled people use assistive technologies for browsing the Internet (i.e. text readers), and websites that do not meet the Section 508 compliance standards are not usable by these technologies.


BaronRose can bring your website up to government standards for interface design accessibility. Whether working within your existing framework or designing from scratch, we can make sure that you don’t lose valuable business due to non-compliance. Fortunately, making your website accessible usually doesn’t require drastic redesigns or sacrificing your current aesthetic – and in general, the practices used to meet Section 508 compliance also improves the overall usability of your site!

Not sure if you need help? BaronRose can analyze your website accessibility during our initial consultation, with no obligation. We’ll explain to you in simple terms what needs to be done to meet section 508 compliance and which items may need to change on your website.

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